Friday, July 25, 2008

Been awhile

Well, I'm sorry, it'g been awhile since I've posted. I need to be better about posting on here, lol. Well, no major updates. Just been busy working and having fun and stressing out. I do have updates about my bloodwork though. My glucose test came back fine, no gestational diabetes for me!! Woo hoo!!!! And the funny thing is, the cholestasis testing came back fine too! I was very surprised and not quite ready to believe it. I asked the doctor if we could do testing again in a few weeks just to make sure it wasn't too early to test for it. So I'm going to have more bloodwork done at 32 weeks and 34 weeks just to be on the safe side. I just would rather make absolutely sure that I don't have it then to have tested to early and not know that I actually do have it.

On a funny note, about a week ago the kids and I were driving in the car. Natalie and Nolan were whining because they wanted something, I can't even remember what it was. Well, I said to them that they weren't getting it, and they both said, "But we want it." To this I said, "Well, I would like to have a million dollars, but do you think I'm going to get that? No." Well, Nolan answered me in a very serious tone, "Mommy I don't have a million dollars because I don't have pockets in my shorts. I don't have any money in my pants!" I just started laughing, because to him this made sense, he would have money if he had pockets in his pants to carry it. O, I just love the way kids minds work, and the cute things they say! If only they didn't have to grow up!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ok...we have been a little busy again!

We have been super busy lately! But, thats ok with's how I like to be. Here's the run down of all that has happened over the past week.
On the 4th we went to my parents house for a cook out and then to fireworks with the kids in downtown Akron. Natalie absolutely loved the fireworks! Every single one that went off was her favorite! Nolan liked them at first and then for some reason he started to get a little scared/bored and wanted to go to the car. I think he takes after daddy in the fireworks area...cause Scott really could care less if we go see them....but I loooooove them! Heres a few pictures of the kids at my parents house, swimming.

Well, on Saturday the 5th my aunt and uncle had a picnic. They usually have one every year 4th of July weekend. It used to be a birthday party for my grandma (her birthday was July 3rd), but since she passed away it's now just a sort of picnic/family reunion. It was lots of fun. For those of you that don't know, I'm hungarian. At the picnic we always do a hungarian tradition called szalonna, which is the hungarian word for bacon. Anyone interested can read a little about it here If you read that, that is what we do. We take the bacon drippings and put it on bread, but we use onions, green peppers and tomatoes also. It's sooooo very good, but sooooo very bad for you, lol. Here are a few pictures from the picnic.

Also, this past Wednesday the 9th, Dawn and I took the kids to the Akron Zoo. They loved it! They got to see the Jellyfish exhibit. It was really cool! I love the size of that zoo...because it is the perfect size for kids their age! Just as they started saying they were tired, hot and hungry, we were at the end! It was great! Here are some pictures of them.

Now, a pregnancy update. I went last week for the glucose screening that you have around the 28th week of pregnancy. Well, it came back a little high, so I went and had the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I also had the testing done to check for cholestasis (the complication I had with Nolan). Well, I've spoke to the nurse at my doctor's office and she informed me that my sugar was still a little high after the 2nd hour of testing. So, I'm not sure if the doctor is going to consider that as gestational diabetes or not. I go on Wednesday for another appointment with him and will find out then. She also said that the liver testing for cholestasis came back normal!! I was completely shocked by that because once you get it with one pregnancy the chances of developing it in subsequent pregnancies is 90%. I'm a little hesitant to believe that I don't have it. I'm going to ask the doctor if maybe it was too early into the third trimester to test for it, since I was just barely into the 3rd. I just want to be absolutely sure that I don't have it...because it can be a really serious problem for the baby, hence why Nolan was born 5 weeks early. So, I will update you on all this once I see the doctor on Wednesday. Right now, I'm almost 30 weeks along!!!! Boy it's just flying by!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Ok..sorry I've taken a few days to post on here. We had a really busy weekend this past weekend, just the way I like them! Two of the highlights were: On friday Scott and his dad took Natalie, Nolan and my nephew Landen to the drive in movies! This was the first time they went to the drive in and they loved it!! They saw Wall E and The Hulk. I asked Scott how they did with actually watching the movie and he said they sort of watched Wall E. I knew they wouldn't pay a whole lot of attention because they were really excited and it was something they had never done before. Nolan and Landen fell asleep before Hulk even started. Natalie was only awake for the first half hour or so. So, it was nice that Scott and his dad got to watch that movie in peace, lol.
The second highlight was that on Sunday my dad treated all of us to an Indian's game. It was slider's birthday, so the kids got a slider hat and a cupcake. They also had a lot of fun games and things set up outside the stadium for kids to do. The kids loved it! And Nolan was in heaven. He just kept saying he wanted to go out on the field and play baseball with the guys. He took is little mitt with him and wore it most of the game.

Natalie and Nolan in their slider hats

A robot that was outside the stadium with all the fun things going on.
Nolan enjoying the game
Natalie enjoying the game.

Nolan on the way to the game....
And Nolan on the way home.
All I have to say is way to go grandpas!!!! They both hit a grand slam this weekend with the kids and took them to do really fun things!
One highlight for me is that we went to the thrift store on Saturday. I really like to go there for the kids clothes, because they grow out of them so quick and you can find some great finds for cheap! I got a big bag of clothes for the kids and only paid $17! My favorite find was a cute little yellow sundress for Natalie. It's Old Navy brand and I ended up only paying $1.50 for it! It looks brand new! Heres a picture of her in it at the game.
We also took the kids to Bettes Park on Saturday. They had a blast swinging and climbing. Heres a picture of them at the park.
Like I was a busy weekend...and I know with the holiday coming up..this weekend is going to be busy too!