Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just a boring Saturday

Well, we just had a boring Saturday. I guess you could say relaxing...because we didn't do a darn thing. I'm not the kind of person that likes to sit at I was pretty bored, lol. I also felt a little crazy today too. For some reason I felt like crying about anything and everything. It must be these lovely pregnancy hormones. And now Nolan is sleeping on the floor here in the living room, and has been for about 3 hours now. He was really cranky today, so I think he really needed some rest...thats the only reason I let him fall asleep at all. I just hope he doesn't decide to be up half the night now.

I wanted to share a very sweet thing that Natalie said to me a few weeks ago. As you know, we are not finding out the sex of this baby. Natalie is hoping and praying that it is a little girl. A few weeks ago we were in the car driving home and it was pretty late. Natalie was looking up out the back window at the stars in the sky. All of a sudden I heard her quietly talking to herself. She then says to me, "Mommy, I found a wishing star and I made a wish." I said, "Oh, really? What did you wish for?" She said, " I wished that the baby will be a girl." It was so sweet that I got tears in my eyes. I couldn't help but laugh a little and told her that was a good wish. She is such a sweet girl....and can not wait for the new baby to come! She just finished up a ballet/tap class that she was taking at the YMCA. She absolutely loved it! I think it's definitely something that she is going to want to continue with, at least for the time being. The picture is of her in her little ballet outfit.

Now, Nolan is my little sports freak! He absolutely loves sports. I think his favorites right now are baseball and golfing though. He knows how to find the golf chanel on the tv and loves to sit and watch it! I get so bored watching golf, that it amazes me that he will sit and watch it! He will watch it and cheer when they hit the ball in the hole. A few months ago we took him to the driving range to hit some balls, and he was in heaven!! He was like a machine. He would put the ball down on the tee, step back and swing, and then run over and grab another ball. This is a picture of him having a great time!


KC said...

Boring weekend here too but compared to the rest of the week I had, I will take it.

Your daughter is a sweetheart. Very cute too.

As far as your soon goes, you have a potential Tiger Woods on your hands.

Tammy said...

Your kids are sooo adorable Kristin. Boring weekends here, too....but boring is nice once in awhile. =)